Vinyl Sheet Cladding

Fresco Flooring offers a tough, durable, and flexible vinyl wall and ceiling cladding that has a marbleised decoration. It is available in two different thicknesses – pro PU and Plus PU. It provides a floor-to-wall surface that provides an excellent barrier to dirt and infection by creating an impervious, continuous surface which offers no sanctuary to dirt and bacteria and will not shed dust. The vinyl sheet cladding that we provide has been developed specifically to meet the advanced requirements of today’s medical, science and electronics industries. It makes it ideal for use in cleanrooms, hospital wards, theatres, kitchens, food processing plants and those areas where hygiene is critical.

The benefits of vinyl sheet cladding:

  • Durable and flexible wall coverings for long term, cost-effective use
  • Impervious to water ensuring no seepage and costly damage
  • Hygienic providing a seamless edge and barrier to germs, infection, bacteria
  • Dust free