Fresco Flooring offers an effective matting system to help to minimise the risk of slip accidents caused by wet flooring, reduce maintenance costs and improve the appearance of internal floors. Safety is high priority in every commercial setting and wet and dry soiling can create slip hazards but by installing effective entrance matting, the potential for accidents can be significantly reduced. Optimum performance is usually achieved by combining different types of barrier matting.

Barrier matting is required to help provide safe access for all users of buildings, including wheelchair users. It is ideal in other heavily trafficked circulation areas such as foyers & receptions, lifts, staircases, corridors and walkways, canteen areas and service points. This means it can be used in places like hospitals, office blocks, healthcare environments, schools, airports, hotels and stadium entrances.

The benefits of matting:

  • This versatile covering can be located anywhere and significantly reduces the amount of dirt and moisture tracked into a building
  • Anti-slip commercial flooring
  • Easily located in entrances to reduce dirt and wet causing slip hazards
  • Cost effective with low maintenance costs as can easily be replaced
  • Improves appearance of a soiled area without high replacement cost
  • Signature design, branded and motif matting